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Tech has Revolutionized How Brands and Consumers Interconnect

PEOPLE-BASED MARKETING is a new trend. Rather than groups, marketers use relevant and personal messages across all media channels and in-store to target consumers. We have entered a NEW ERA OF PERSONALIZATION, which augments consumers’ experiences and drives higher revenue while achieving advertising at scale. Today, winning the consumers’ intents that matter —  right person, right message, right intention, right channel and device, every time —  is the new mantra of marketing.

Digital and Online Marketing Services:

Build the Right Go-To-Market Strategy

01. Digital Consumer Behavior

Consumers are empowered by UBIQUITOUS TECHNOLOGY. They maximize the benefits they derive from the decision-making process by going online and reducing the sum of information they process. When they find exactly what product they want, they virtually make an instant purchase decision. The consumer journey is now a series of different tasks at multiple touchpoints and is more of a maze than a linear path. The marketing funnel has changed for good.


02. Consumer To Business Model

Driven by the digital revolution  the new consumer has grown up with the ability to shop and buy anything, anytime and anywhere. We call that the Amazon Domino Effect, or simply what consumers expect from brands they do business with. Consumers are accustomed to the world of instant information and have more of a do-it-myself attitude. Thus, the ON-DEMAND ECONOMY fulfils consumer’s new desires based on immediate access to goods and services.

03. People-Based Marketing

The right go to market strategy provides consumers with a fully integrated SHOPPING EXPERIENCE by unifying all consumer multi-touchpoints across channels and devices. But companies can no longer push a product online or offer it in-store. They have to shape the entire consumer experience and manage the way people engage, shop and buy online and in-store regardless of where they are. Consumers, today, do not use single channels in isolation.

04. Anything Anywhere Anytime

In the new environment where competition, industry best practices, and the world are changing, businesses have to undertake those changes to HUMANIZE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. Companies need to think strategically about how new technologies have changed the consumer decision journey to serve and inspire shoppers with diligence. Consumers want excellent services and expect to get anything, anywhere based on an easy-to-access mobile app.

Success Story:

B2B Lead Gen Program

DNN Corp invested in MarTech in 2016 to enable systems and devices to communicate within and across organizational boundaries to access, exchange and use data to optimize media advertising. The convergence of advertising, marketing, and technology permitted the marketing team to deploy Account-Based Marketing (ABM). They were able to break down the advertising silos and implement a clear OMNICHANNEL STRATEGY. Bottom line, they discovered that most high-quality opportunities and closed deals were coming primarily from Google Search and long-tail keyword campaigns. More importantly, they figured out how to scale advertising spend throughout the entire sales and MARKETING FUNNEL and optimize ABM program to increase performances.


Increase in revenue year over year


Increase in Lead conversion


Customer retention rate


Increase in click-through

We offer online marketing and digital transformation consulting services:

We are a team of  experts with a data-diven culture

Go To Market Strategy

We are cutting-edge professionals with expertise and experience in defining and leading GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGIES in B2B and B2C markets for fortune 500 companies and startups. After analyzing the market we will define the sales and business model, detail the rollout marketing plan for the first 100 days, develop your communication strategy, clarify the media advertising plan, outline the success metrics, and establish the budget and resources required to achieve your short- and long-term business goals.

SEO SEM Campaign management

We are certified professionals with a solid savoir-faire in scaling media advertising strategies in various industries. We will build from the ground-up your PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN and develop creative assets (i.e., graphics and videos) to support your Google-YouTube, Facebook-Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter ad campaigns. We will boost spending on your most profitable audience segments and automate advertising rules to mitigate the risk of overspending.

Lead Generation Program

We are innovative marketers with experience leading ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING AND LEAD GEN PROGRAMS. We will identify key account prospects, decision-makers, and influencers and lead them to request a demo of your product. We will capture all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and score leads to construct a prospect database for client use. We will provide comprehensive reporting of all key performance indicators (KPI) by digital media platform and engagement to scale your omnichannel strategy.

Marketing Technology (MarTech)

We are Tech-First-Mindset marketers with experience leading MarTech strategies for a variety of organizations. We will help you build your MARKETING TECHNOLOGY STACK. We use an agile approach to recommending technology that will fit your current marketing ecosystem. We will connect AdTech and MarTech to scale people-based marketing. We know how to digitally transform business operations to meet the consumer demands and turn a marketing engine into a powerful revenue-driving force.

Inbound Marketing Presentation

Make Content Available When Consumers Need It

online marketing and digital transformation consulting services:

What We Do Best

Run digitalization of Marketing

We will develop your digital marketing strategy and achieve business success by creating and delivering new CONSUMER VALUES. We will explore the opportunities of digital disruptions in your industry and help you make better business decisions for future growth. We will design and deploy your GO TO MARKET STRATEGY to make sure that you reach the right target audience

drive sales and business growth

We will help your company grow revenue through ROI-DRIVEN DIGITAL MARKETING programs. By putting consumer engagement at the forefront of your marketing strategy, we will turm your customers into advocates. We will increase the average order and lifetime value of your customers while driving down acquisition costs and significantly increasing long-term revenue.

Manage lead gen program

We will set up your inbound and outbound marketing strategy by creating a MASTER PLAN to fully integrate and manage SEO and SEM campaigns.  Campaign management means identifying the right tactics you will use to support your lead generation program, then designing, planning, testing and monitoring the campaigns, and analyzing the results along the way.

Leverage MarTech capabilities

Extensive change management and unique technical skill sets are needed to keep up with the latest digital trends. With a tight operating budget and limited resources MarTech can be a complicated task. We will help you integrate and deploy the right TECHNOLOGY STACK  to increase your marketing capabilities to execute and measure the impact of your go to market strategy.


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