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Tech Transformed Media Advertising. Why Your Digital Presence Matters.

Every day, growing numbers of online consumers are forcing organizations to expand their digital presence. US consumers dedicate more than 10 hours a day to SCREEN TIME primarily online. The number of mobile devices has increased and overall time spent with screens has amplified. People are actively driving in this digital transformation allowing advertisers to look deeper into consumers’ behavior to better target their messages. Brands now have the opportunity to personalize experiences across media channels and devices, anytime and anywhere.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Understand the Digitalization of the Consumer  

01. New Empowered-consumer

Consumers are empowered by ubiquitous technologies. The shopping-buyer journey has changed. The role of marketing in  persuading consumers has transformed. What does the new consumer-obsessed model mean for you?

02. Digital Transformation

The future is now and digital transformation is more than just TECH. The new business ecosystem is evolving rapidly, and consumers are at the core. There is a clear need for change. What does this marketing and digital  stransformation mean for you?

03. Influencer Marketing

With each Facebook post, Tweet, Instagram photo, and blog comment, a brand leaves a trail that can be seen, searched, and traced. Marketers want to fill the digital space with the right  messaging. What does social engagement mean for your brand?

04. MarTech, DataTech, and AdTech

Marketers need to break down siloed marketing and transition to intent-based marketing — Who (persona), What (content), When (touch point & intent), Which media (channel) and device (smartphone). How does your marketing technology stack measure up?

Proven Success

In Digital Marketing, Numbers Don’t Lie.

DNN Corp invested in MarTech in 2016 to rebuild its marketing technology stack. The goal consisted of leveraging machine learning to improve results. We built several advanced PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS models to uncover LEAD SCORING and determine OMNI-CHANNEL ATTRIBUTION. As a result, we optimized advertising by reducing spend by half and kept up with the buyer’s evolving journey, driving more site visits, increased click-through, and lead conversion. But more importantly, we grew high-quality leads that turned into revenue opportunities, and were able to double the average order value.


Revenue Increase year over year


Increase in Lead conversion


Customer retention rate


Increase in click-through

We Offer Digital Marketing Consulting Services

A Team of Specialists and Experts

Digital Marketing Consultants

We are marketers with experience in defining and leading INTENT- and CONTENT-DRIVEN marketing strategies in a variety of industries. We build and execute your DIGITAL STRATEGY to increase your digital presence. We use an agile approach to creating campaigns and building content including white papers, how-to videos, webinars, SEO content, microsites, and emails. We write and edit to tell simple, compelling brand and product stories. Our professionals worked for McGraw-Hill, Lonely Planet (BBC), as well as startups such as Cloud Academy, and Udacity.


We are marketers with experience in scaling media advertising strategies in various industries. We can build and manage your MEDIA ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. We use an agile approach to scaling Google search and display, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Meetup, and YouTube) campaigns, and programmatic marketing. We build campaigns from the ground-up, tag, and report weekly on results. Our professionals have worked for Intuit and 24 Hour Fitness as well as startups such as DNN, REV, and Zinio.

strategic branding experts

We are innovative designers with experience leading digital user experience strategies. We can build and manage your MULTI-SCREEN COMMUNICATION STRATEGY. We use an agile approach to designing landing pages, web apps, microsites, and email campaigns. We design and code to make sure simple, compelling brand and product stories are multi-screen friendly. Our professionals worked for Springer Business & Media, Lonely Planet (BBC) as well as new nimble startups such as Outlyer, and Bonfire Labs

CRM AND MarTech advisors

We are Tech-First-Mindset marketers with experience leading MarTech strategies for a variety of organizations. We can help you build your MARKETING TECHNOLOGY STACK STRATEGY. We use an agile approach to recommending technology that will fit your current CRM environment (Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.). We have paired lead scoring with omnichannel attribution to improve marketing ROI. Our professionals work with the latest technology in MarTech, DataTech, and AdTech that complies with sales and CRM systems.

Inbound Marketing Presentation

Make Content Available When Consumers Need It

Digital and Marketing Consulting Services

What We Do Best

Drive Digital Marketing

We implement and maximize your omnichannel strategy by avoiding siloed advertising and FULLY INTEGRATING all Google search and social media campaigns. We set up your digital and marketing engine to respond to consumer intent to improve audience engagement during the buyer’s journey.

drive business growth

We build your data and content-driven INBOUND & OUTBOUND MARKETING plan to increase brand visibility and engage consumers in conversation to generate sales. We build your creative assets including videos, white papers, eBook, emails, and more to drive sales and business growth.


We manage your omnichannel strategy and scale your ONLINE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. We break down all silo advertising, and integrate search and social media campaigns to generate leads, opportunities, and ultimately sales across US, APAC, and EMEA markets.

DRIVE Marketing Excellence

We improve your marketing technology stack by integrating MarTech, DataTech, and AdTech into a CRM information system, and we implement machine learning to develop PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS and business models to predict future lead and sale results.


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