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Disruptive TECH continues to generate unprecedented changes to solving consumer problems, and growing business sales in ways never thought possible before.

The New Marketing book

The Marketing Paradigm Has Changed. Why It Matters.

In just a few decades, the development of technology has resulted in the transformation of media advertising. A new way of advertising has arrived. With the increased use of online channels of communication, social media platforms, and mobile devices, consumers have gained power. The digital transformation has driven the shift from passive to empowered-consumers.

BrandTech is a new buzzword. Google and Facebook reign over the digital ad industry. And, AI has revolutionized the way marketers operate. And, while Uberization of everything is happening everywhere, we have entered a new Consumer-Obsessed world…

New digital and best marketing book

Bring Digital Marketing to New Heights


Globally connected, a new class of consumers who are adept with and empowered by affordable ubiquitous technologies, has changed the rules of marketing. The increase of consumer touch points, the reality of the multi-screen world, mobility, and the “Uberization” or “Post-Uberization” of people’s behaviors have altered the brand-consumer relationship. The smartphone, as the backbone of most media interactions, dictates our day-to-day life. Today, people think differently about the world around them, how they engage with brands, and ultimately, buy products.


Organizations across industries are being impacted by the rapid pace of digital transformation. To succeed in today’s world, organizations need agility to renew themselves and adapt to this evolving and ambiguous business environment. It is now imperative for organizations to align product development, marketing, and sales activities to serve consumers. Marketing is undergoing rapid and major changes, breaking down the barriers ofPUSH-PULLadvertising toward one-on-one conversations with consumers through the many channels, and mobile devices they use.

Consumer Multi-Screen Media Interactions


Online media advertising revenue in 2017


Worlwide Search queries on Google per day


Active users on Facebook every day



“This is the best marketing book about the digitalization of our ecosystem. It brings interesting perspectives, has a lot of great ideas, and will surprise you. And, it is easy to fully grasp…”



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