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Technology Has Transformed the Ecosystem

Franck Ardourel is a keynote speaker, and can share new perspectives about the business ecosystem, media advertising landscape, DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of consumers, and why it matters so much…

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The Uberization of Consumerism Is Happening. Why It Matters.

Given the ever-changing, never-ending list of digital transformative threats in our business ecosystem, it is not surprising that marketers are technology-obsessed, and look for the next big thing to launch and make the difference in the market. The Internet of things, 3-D printing, cloud computing, alternative energy, and augmented or virtual reality have already entered our lives. In fact, we are just scratching the surface with those technologies. Think Technology – Act as a PIONEER – Be Innovative is part of the new marketer mindset.

Marketing Keynote Speaker

Franck Speaks About All Of It

Franck is a “tech-first-mindset” marketer and natural KEYNOTE speaker who can share AVANT-GARDE  PERSPECTIVES about the new marketing paradigm, and the digital transformation. The world is in complete mutation. So, it is important to explain how Uber has transformed every aspect of consumer behavior.

The new ecosystem offers a dynamic, and inter-connected environment in which publishers, agencies, and advertisers depend on one another to reach consumers and perform marketing activities. But, it is also a space that demands agility.

If you are planning a conference or looking to book an inspirational and professional speaker, Franck will deliver on what your audience needs.

Digital Transformation

We have arrived at an EVOLUTIONARY THRESHOLD. The ecosystem is hyper dynamic, and offers more opportunities to engage with consumers.

NEW Consumer-Intent Model

70% of mobile users could be missed if marketers fail to identify SHOPPER INTENT. Relying solely on demographic data is just not enough in this new marketing paradigm.

change of advertising Paradigm

Consumers are turning away from traditional and mass advertising (TV, radio, and print) toward online digital advertising. A major shake-up has come in the form of GOOGLE and FACEBOOK, who reign over the ad industry.

Uberization of consumerism

Whether UBERIZATION is a HYPE will depend on the ability of marketers and organizations to address consumers’ needs, bringing a completely new innovative means of serving consumers.

BrandTech New Markting adage

This rise of the BrandTech movement has led to another shift in marketing. It consists of leveraging Tech for marketing purposes.

appearances in B2B and B2C Marketing conferences

Proud to Be a Digital Keynote Speaker

Digital transformation keynote speaker


Bridge the Gap Between Data, Tech and Science

The marketing industry is at the beginning of a new era. Marketers are technologists. There is no doubt that Data, Tech, and Science have accelerated marketing innovation and transformation…

AI Has Revolutionized Marketing

In this new ecosystem, predictive marketing enables marketing to assemble digital content and media channels automatically in real-time to reach every consumer touchpoint…

Uberization of Everything is Happening

Like Google, Netflix or Facebook, Uber and Amazon have inspired many entrepreneurs to try to understand how they can Uberize or Amazon their industry and find the formula for success…

Franck Ardourel Bio

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Franck is a globally-recognized professional keynote speaker on DIGITAL MARKETING. Author of the bestselling book Marketing 4.0 – Think Global, Act Local, and Be Digital, Franck’s work has been featured by various media in Europe and US.

Over the last two decades, Franck has championed a customer-obsessed approach at organizations large and small. He led digital marketing growth for fortune 500 companies like GE Capital, United Airlines, and Intuit and startups like Zinio, Udacity, DNN, and Outlyer. Franck’s innovative leadership resulted in massive growth.

His passion for innovation and new technologies drives him to constantly rethink the status quo of marketing and sales. He is a marketing geek at heart. In today’s new ecosystem, when organizations need to adapt rapidly to the consumer-obsessed model, Franck finds comfort in new marketing and advertising technology stacks to keep pace with marketing challenges. Originally from France where he started his career, he came to the US in 1999.

Today, Franck is Consultant in Digital Marketing and Technology, and when he is not working with clients, Franck travels the world to teach about what he does best: Digital Marketing.

You can follow Franck on LinkedIn.

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