Six Sigma Digital Marketing Method

Apply a Data-Driven Approach to Performance
Leverage Sigma to improve marketing activities, fully capture marketing insights, and lean your marketing organization toward consumers.

Sigma Marketing Bridges the Gap between Data, Tech, and Science

As more and more brands are competing for a bigger market share, and a slice of the consumer’s attention, marketers are rethinking the way they operate. They are becoming completely DATA-DRIVEN to stay ahead in the race. While most companies today claim to build their strategy by putting customers first, a much smaller number of companies are actually doing it. Getting it right requires delivering personal experiences to the right audience while creating real value for consumers before and after the sale is completed.

We Leverage Sigma Marketing To Perform Advertising

Increase Your Performance with Sigma Marketing


DMAIC is used to improve existing business and marketing processes. Define roles, goals, and deliverables consistent with customer demands and the organization’s strategy; Measure current performance and processes, and collect relevant data for future comparison and improvement, Analyze the relationship and causality factors; Improve or Develop the process to eliminate defects; and Control and correct any variances before they result in defects and thereby improve performance.


DMADV is used to create new business and marketing processes or product designs. Define the goals of the design activity. Measure and identify the critical quality, product/process capabilities. Analyze to develop and design alternatives to determine the best design. Design the process and Verify the design. The purpose of these two methodologies is to create a data-driven, systematic approach to solving business problems that will have a positive impact on customers.

Six Sigma Marketing Proven Success

In Digital Marketing the Numbers Don’t Lie

One proven method of integrating marketing operations within overall business processes is through SIX SIGMA and it’s DMAIC approach which enables marketers to improve marketing’s operational processes as a way to enhance the top line to drive revenue. Businesses that implement this method report on average 49% higher profits.

It is a STRUCTURED DATA-DRIVEN, problem-solving method of using rigorous data-gathering and statistical analysis, which allow organizations to reach their business and marketing goals. The statistical representation of Six Sigma describes quantitatively how a process or a campaign is performing.


Increase in sales productivity


Decrease in marketing operating cost


net promoter score


Faster go-to-market strategy

The Convergence of AdTech, DataTech and MarTech is inevitable

Pairing Lead Scoring with Omnichannel Attribution

Digital and Marketing Consulting Services Approach

What We Do with Sigma Marketing

Drive Digital Marketing

We implement and maximize your omnichannel strategy by avoiding silo advertising and FULLY INTEGRATING all Google search and social media campaigns. We set up your digital and marketing engine to cover all consumer intents that engage your audience during the consumer journey.

drive business growth

We build your data and content-driven INBOUND & OUTBOUND MARKETING plan to increase brand visibility and engage consumers in conversation to generate sales. We build your creative assets including videos, white papers, eBooks, emails, and more to drive sales and business growth.


We manage your omnichannel strategy and scale your ONLINE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. We break down all silo advertising, and integrate search and social media campaigns to generate leads, opportunities, and ultimately sales across US, APAC, and EMEA markets.

DRIVE Marketing Excellence

We leverage your marketing technology stack by integrating MarTech, DataTech, and AdTech into a CRM information system, and we implement machine learning to develop PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS and business models to predict future lead and sale results.


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